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Balcony Decking

Balcony Decking Types That Will Make Your Balcony Spectacular

A balcony is a unique architectural feature that gives you a unique perspective on your surroundings.The elements make it more susceptible to degradation than an interior balcony. As a result, wood balcony timber decking may deteriorate, erode, and become hazardous. Composite decking is the best choice for a gorgeous, low-maintenance balcony deck.

  • Chengal Decking Wood

Chengal wood is a sturdy and long-lasting option. For balconies, chengal wood could be a good option since it is wet while young and immature. In a hot, humid environment like Singapore, they face the risk of uneven expansion and contraction if used as wood decking. The surface will ultimately break if they are not adequately cared for. The best flooring for balconies is resistant to heat and UV light.

balcony timber decking

  • Teak Wood From Myanmar

According to recent research, only Southeast Asian teak wood has been completely stable. When exposed to the elements, it is not as prone to breaking as concrete because of its excellent properties and moderate hardness.

  • Composite Decking

Composite decking may last a lifetime if installed correctly. Damage to composite decking, unlike wood decking, cannot be sanded off. Composite decks are hotter than wood decks because they absorb heat more quickly.

Compared to a wood deck, a composite deck is better able to withstand heavy loads. If your wooden deck balcony sees a lot of use and your furniture is cumbersome, you may consider investing in a more robust profile of this decking.

  • Close Bruce Decker

The second kind of decking on our list is Merbau. When it comes to timber categorization, it is considered a superior-class wood that may be outside. Merbau is a naturally occurring material resistant to fungus, termites, and insects, and the lack of shrinkage values is one of its distinguishing features.

 In the drying process, wood usually only suffers little degradation, and in the end, it becomes more stable. This specific kind of wood bleeds and produces a blood-red sap that gives the wood its distinctive hue. Before installing the Merbau decking, the wood must be thoroughly dry.

Discussed are the finest woods for balconies used for decking. Balcony decking requires a variety of hardwoods, depending on the homeowner’s needs. Of all the decking materials, composite wood is our top selection because of its eco-friendliness and durability.

With a balcony, you may enjoy some quiet time alone in your home. The area’s subtropical setting is also a great spot to relax and appreciate nature. You may transform your balcony into a tranquil haven by following a few easy steps. When it comes to spending time outside, balconies are the ideal spot.