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An  ergonomic office swivel chair is perhaps the most important component for a healthy workplace. It supports the back and neck area, ensures a natural sitting posture and at the same time increases your concentration and productivity.

Since every body is different, the ergonomic chairs must meet individual requirements. The question quickly arises: What are the characteristics of a good desk chair.

The term “ergonomics” plays a central role in the equipment of modern workplaces – regardless of whether in the office or home office. There is no getting around an office swivel chair with ergonomic functions.

An ergonomic computer chair is designed to allow the most natural posture possible. Thanks to movable elements such as a swinging backrest and reinforced upholstery, a healthy office chair prevents bad posture. You don’t sit statically on it, but have the opportunity to move around and adopt different sitting postures.

Ergonomics means adapting working conditions to people. In the case of an office chair, this works using movable, specially shaped components. An ergonomic office swivel chair enables a natural sitting posture.

the ergonomic chairs

Advantages of an ergonomic office chair

A healthy office chair protects against postural damage. Even if you already have back pain or other ailments, it can relieve these symptoms and keep them from getting worse. An ergonomic office swivel chair offers you the following advantages:

  • avoids back pain
  • supports and strengthens the back
  • Even loading of the intervertebral discs
  • Protects against bad posture
  • gives more freedom of movement
  • prevents shoulder and neck tension
  • Promotes concentration
  • avoids fatigue
  • Has a positive effect on mood
  • Increases productivity

Requirements for an office chair: the most important functions

There are a number of ergonomic properties that your office chair should at least meet for everyday use. First of all, the swivel chair must be individually adaptable. In particular, the seat height as well as the back and armrests should have adjustment options. In addition, supports such as a lumbar support and mechanical options such as a rocker mechanism or synchronous mechanism ensure a healthy sitting posture.

A healthy office chair meets the following ergonomic requirements:

  • Height-adjustable backrest
  • Lumbar support for the lower back
  • Seat adjustable in height and depth
  • Armrests for a relaxed neck
  • Head or neck support
  • Correct upholstery and cover
  • Chair castors for a secure stand
  • Easily accessible adjustment levers