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Flooring as a Focal Point

Flooring as a Focal Point – Modern & Marvelous

Open floor plans, sleek lines, and a neutral color palette are all the rage in interior design. Many of us are not lucky enough to have that floor plan or color palette. Outdated flooring that does not fit into this aesthetic can be one of the biggest interior design hurdles to overcome. If you are looking to transform your home with modern floors, then click here to read about some great flooring options and installers. In this article, we will talk about ways flooring can transform your home.

Floors as the Foundation 

The floors of your home are the foundation of your interior design aesthetic. These trends continue to change. The current trend is neutral palettes and wide planks. Materials such as marble, cork, and other renewable materials are very popular. These tones and materials are friendly to all color schemes, and the wide planks help a room appear larger and more open. You may be looking to replace your flooring to update your home’s appeal or maybe to increase its resale value. Whatever the reason, there are so many options available today. Depending on your aesthetic goal and budget, there is sure to be one for you.

Materials and Looks for Everyone 

Flooring material has advanced tremendously. Some products look just like real wood or tile, and they all are much more durable and long-wearing than in the past. Most flooring is designed to last decades and requires minimal maintenance. With all the different options, it can be hard to choose. Here are some of these options and their benefits below:

Flooring as a Focal Point

  • Ceramic – Durable and resists spills and scratches.
  • Laminate Highly durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Porcelain – Similar to ceramic in its durability and resistance to spills and scratches. The material is much harder, and more wear-resistant.
  • Cork – Natural and renewable flooring material that resists cracking and is impermeable to liquid.
  • Marble – It can be a durable flooring choice if it is sealed every 6 to 12 months to fill in the pores of the marble. With proper care, marble can last for years.
  • Slate – Highly resistant to damage when applied to a solid substrate, it is crucial to make sure the sub-floor is not flexible like plywood, as cracking can occur. Slate is also porous, so a waterproof membrane must be used if installing in bathrooms or shower areas.

A professional installer can help you look at all the options available and find the best one for you. They have the expertise to make the process effortless and pain-free.

Effortless Installation and Style

If you are looking for an easy, effortless installation of modern flooring, click here to read about a company specializing in modern flooring called FloorMod. They are an excellent professional flooring installer that has been updating homes since 2014. They offer comprehensive services and flooring materials. With an emphasis on being a one-stop shop, they offer demolition, installation, and repairs. They can be there for the entire life of your floors and are definitely worth giving a call or contacting through their website.