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How to choose a single mattress ? This is the question that many ask themselves and which can have many answers depending on what you are looking for in a mattress and what characteristics it must satisfy to guarantee you a perfect rest. First of all, we must not make the mistake that many make, that is to choose the mattress hastily considering only a few characteristics or factors. In fact, it is necessary to take all the time necessary to check the quality of the product and its characteristics buy single mattress online in singapore.

In fact, when a mattress is chosen only for reasons of convenience and comfort, other equally important factors can be overlooked. For example, a very important thing to do is to compare your old mattress with the one you are about to buy. Estimating the age of your current mattress and checking its condition before buying a new one can help you decide and better understand what is right for you. This process is necessary first of all to take stock of the durability of your old mattress and then decide on the choice of the new one.

Buy Single Mattress Online In Singapore

Have you bought your single mattress for 5 years and is it already to be thrown away? The materials it is made of then probably are not suitable for your build or the mattress you had is not of an optimal quality. Your body, as well as your needs during sleep have changed, and consequently the new mattress you choose will have to take this evolution into account. In fact, as we grow up, it is not only our body that changes but also the perception that we have of comfort; it is important to understand well which one is yours to choose the best single mattress.


There are many techniques that can be used to try out a single mattress when going to a store to purchase a new mattress. However, it must be remembered that each person has a different body size and needs and that therefore the perception of the comfort of a mattress could vary from one individual to another.

Also, when you rest your back on the mattress, try to understand if it adapts well to your pressure points by checking the space between the spine and the mattress. If the space between the two points is very important, the stiffness of the mattress could be too much for your build but, if the opposite happens, you will need to opt for a less soft mattress in order to have an optimal rest during the night.