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Know About The Different Types Of Wooden Flooring Commonly Seen In America

The history of wood flooring dates back to the beginning of 1600 in France. The wooden floor often referred to as wood floor is made out of timber where slabs of timber are used as per the design and structure. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the different types of wooden flooring commonly used in offices and homes here in America.

Measurements for solid hardwood flooring-

The average thickness used in households or offices is 5/8″ to ¾”.

Measurements for engineered wooden flooring

The average thickness is usually 9 ply or 11-ply pieces stuck together to make a single flooring piece.

Wooden flooring is commonly seen in America-

  • Oak flooring- is the most used wooden flooring in America as almost two-thirds of the houses in America use oak flooring. These plants are usually grown or found in Brazil, Australia, and some parts of Asia. They are favourable because of their price which is comparatively much lower than others.
  • Bamboo- is another form of wooden flooring which is popular due to its hardness. Available in varied yellow colors from a dark shade to a light shade of yellow.
  • Cherry – another commonly used flooring material. The most distinct part of this product is that darkens as fast as it ages. The product is quite expensive and maintained only through sanding.
  • Maple- this flooring material is known for its classic, glossy look. The product is a grain pattern the product is quite durable and resistant to the highest amount of rainy season. The floor looks yellowish.

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How to take care of your wooden floors?

  • Waxing and sanding- wax and sand the floor once a year as this helps to smoothen out the hardwood surface and makes it even more lasting. This process also removes the wax or hard stain or dirt build up on the surface.
  • Clean the spills – wooden floors get damaged due to spillage of hot water, hot oil, beer, soda, cold drinks, lemonade, etc. Spills should be cleaned as fast as possible with a damp cloth.
  • Use of furniture pads- wooden floors get scratched or chipped or the oil burnishes get peeled off easily. So use furniture pads made up of rubber or silicon to protect the floor while you are shifting them.

Types of wooden flooring seen in America are-

  • Solid hardwood wooden flooring- this flooring is made from planks of solid timber collected from different plants as per the choice of the customer. In this type of wooden floor, a protective layer by covering the top surface which might be a thin layer of varnish or wax. They can last up to 100 years just regular waxing and sanding are required.
  • Engineered wood flooring- this flooring piece of wood is pressed and glued together to make a single piece. This product is eco-friendly, moisture resistant, and lasts up to nearly 30 years.
  • Wooden laminate flooring- in this flooring a plastic PVC sheet’s top layer is digitally printed with a wooden textured coating with a layer of glue at the back.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article illustrates the type of wood used for flooring purposes.