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The Risks of Racoons in Your Home

Raccoon Invasion? Here’s How To Exterminate Them Fast!

Raccoons are known to be one of the smartest wild animals in the world. That is why when you know that they are starting to invade your home, it is very important that you take the necessary steps to  stop this from happening. Raccoons can be very invasive to your property. And when they have rehomed themselves in your attic, it would be too difficult to get rid of them fast. So if you want to prepare yourself for this, then you have come to the right place.

Signs of Racoon Invasion

But how will you know that you are dealing with raccoons and not some other pests? Take note of the signs around you. Most likely, you have raccoon invasion if you are noticing opened trash cans in the morning, you are seeing five-toed prints around your property that are about 3 – 4 inches long, and you are starting to hear sounds that resemble an owl at night. And if you found holes or claw marks around your home, then there is a huge possibility that the raccoons are already inside your house.

The Risks of Racoons in Your Home

Beyond the inconvenience that it may bring you, raccoons can be aggressive towards you or your pets. There are also health risks when talking about raccoons in your home. These pests can potentially carry diseases and transmit them to humans or pets. The most common raccoon illness includes rabies, roundworm, and canine distemper.


Getting Rid of Racoons

Getting rid of these pests is not going to be that easy. Some may work, while others swear on their efficacy. These tips are often used during emergency situations while you are waiting for your exterminator’s appointment. Or sometimes, you can try this and hope that it works for your situation.

  • This step will prevent the raccoon from entering your property. If you are 100% sure that they have not invaded your home just yet, then the best way is to keep them from entering your house.
  • This is by far the fastest way to remove a raccoon especially when  they have invaded your den or under the  deck. With your DIY trap, this may take a few days but if you call for exterminators, that raccoon will be out of your property in no time.
  • Use of Repellents. The effectiveness of this step will depend on the repellent that you use. If you are using the right product, the raccoons will be out of your property within a few hours. Know that repellents need to be reapplied regularly to make sure that the raccoons will not be coming back anymore. However, this may not be the best option if you have pets at home.

Call The Exterminator

Sometimes, hiring an exterminator is the best decision to make especially when you are dealing with raccoons. This is the fastest and the most convenient way for you  to get rid of those raccoons from your home. In Dallas, there are a couple of companies that you can call for this problem. One of those is BUGCO Pest Control. Through the years, the company has earned the respect and integrity in pest control. They have the knowledge,  skill, and experience for these situations.