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Safeguarding Your House: Efficient Methods for Possum Pest Control

On the surface, possums could look innocuous due to their nocturnal habits and endearing appearance. But when these fuzzy creatures break into your house, they can wreak havoc and even make you sick.

Possum infestations can cause problems like nibbling on electrical cables and leaving behind filthy droppings, so it’s important to take early and efficient possum pest control measures. Review several methods for controlling possum populations and ensuring your house is safe.

  1. Gaining Insight into How Possums Act

Study their behaviours and tricks to learn how to keep possums at bay and as first action to your possum pest control. Because they are active only at night, possums spend their days hiding out in dark, isolated places like wall voids, crawl spaces, and attics. As scavengers, they eat various foods, including plants, insects, and small mammals.

  1. Locate Points of Access

If you want to keep possums out of your house, you need to find their entry points; therefore, give your property a full inspection. Vents, chimneys, holes in the roof, and spaces surrounding utility wires are common access locations.

Possums can get into your home through small holes, so it’s essential to seal them with solid materials like caulking, metal flashing, or wire mesh for preliminary possum pest control.

  1. Eliminate Any Potential Food Suppliers

The best way to keep possums off your property is to remove their food and shelter sources. Never leave food out in the open, especially pet food or birdseed, and make sure the lids on your outdoor trash cans are tight.

  1. Fencing that is Resistant to Possums

Possums can only enter your property if you build a fence around it. They are capable of causing havoc on gardens, yards, and other outdoor spaces unless you erect anti-possum fencing.

Use things that possums cannot chew or climb, such as wire mesh or metal sheeting. The fencing should reach below ground level for maximum protection and possum pest control against burrowing.

  1. Use Cage-Free Techniques

You can catch possums in the act by placing live traps near their access sites and then relocating them to an appropriate environment far from people’s homes. Reduce stress and injury by checking traps often and releasing captive possums quickly for quicker possum pest control.

  1. Look for Expert Help

Seek expert help if you’re dealing with a severe possum infestation or other persistent pest problem. Professional exterminators for possum pest control have the training, expertise, and equipment to control possum populations and stop further infestations. They may also help you develop a plan to keep possums at bay in the future by advising you on what steps to take.

The Takeaway

Although possum infestations can be a major headache for homeowners, they are manageable with the correct strategy. You can protect your property from possum pests by learning their habits and getting help when you need it.

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