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Steps to follow to hang a door carefully

Steps to follow to hang a door carefully

Hanging a new door can make a huge impact on the look of a room, even if you don’t think it at first. To update a room or change the style of a room, you may want to remove the old, worn-out door and hang a new one.

You don’t need much experience to hanging a door, but you must follow some steps very carefully. Since a door is a working part, it needs to be attached to the wall safely and correctly so it will function the way it should.

  1. Choose a door

Finding the right door for a particular space means picking one that matches the style of the room and home and has the right features. Make sure the door has any special features, like a screen or a special lock, before proceeding.

You should then decide what your new door should look like. How the room is impacted by the door will be determined by its color, its style, its texture, and the material it is made of.

  1. Know the size and look for proper fit

Measuring the new door is the most important part of the installation process. Taking incorrect measurements will cause the rest of the process to go wrong and the door will hang badly.

Once you have purchased the door, put it into the frame to ensure it fits properly before you begin to install it. In the case of a tall door, saw a small portion off the bottom and check the fit again.

hanging a door

  1. Installation of the casings and fitting of the hinges

Next, the casings and hinges will be installed. Use a brad nail gun to attach the casings to one side of the door. Make sure the hinges fit into the recesses of the old door frame. There is no need to make any changes if they do. If you cannot fit hinges in the old frame, you can easily make the frame fit by creating holes in which to fit the hinges.

  1. Connect the hinges with the door

Your door is now ready to be attached to the hinges. The door should be laid on the floor or another flat surface, and the hinges should be laid inside the pencil lines you drew in step three. Make sure that the door’s hinge flaps are marked with a straight edge.

  1. Hang the door

To rest the wedges on the door again after the hinges have been attached, lift it into the opening again. For each hinge and door, attach a screw per hinge. Check that the hanging a door opens and closes smoothly and is properly fitted after removing the wedges. Finish attaching the hinges by adding more screws after any adjustments have been made.