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The Ideal 4 Room Hdb Flat For Sale In Jurong West

Jurong West rose from the area once called Peng Kang, named after the gambier plantations along Sungei Jurong. It has a history of being known for the large swamps and vast jungles it inhabited once before the mid-1960s when the government converted this area into a habitation facility for the families of the industrial workers. Since then, this region has undergone drastic developments, including the nearby areas, and now it has become one of the most populated areas in the region.

Today, Jurong West is referred to as a planning area and residential town located in the West Region of Singapore. Sharing boundaries with Tengah in the North region, one can find one of the best 4 room hdb flats for sale in jurong west.


With several private and government facilities providing excellent education services, one does not have to worry about the learning of their children. There are two international schools along with several private tuition centers that offer exceptional learning development. The pre-school and nursery facilities are available to help you to manage the tutoring of your ward.

Ideal home size

Since Jurong West has witnessed an increase in inhabitants over the past years, the typical house size has decreased slightly. But it has become necessary to find the ideal size based on the number of people in your family, the belongings you might need to shift, and the space you would require. An ideal home for a family of four could be a 4 room hdb flat for sale in jurong west. It is important to note that the property’s price depends on the space; thus, one must choose carefully after working out all the essentials and necessities. At times, people require more space for working or studying purposes than they require for storing stuff.

Other qualities

Some of the other qualities a person might search for in a home are:

  • Availability of sunlight, views, etc.
  • Proximity with emergency services
  • Layout
  • Future/Potential projects
  • Costs and Expenditure
  • Age of the property

Jurong West satisfies all the above-listed areas and more.

Finding the ideal home that matches all your requirements can be an exhausting task. Moreover, since we invest a lot of money in the property, we must make sure that it is nearly perfect before we invest in it.