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hiring a multi-unit builder:

Why should you plan of building a new house

Building a house that matches your dreams can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive operation that is often frightening. When you decide to build a house it is important to know the basic steps that you will have to follow, from the choice of the designers to the execution of the building. TheĀ  costs and construction phases , the necessary documentation and the technicians to contact are just some of the issues to be addressed in order to build the house of one’s dreams. Here’s what you need to know. Building a house is an opportunity to create the home of your dreams, with environments, spaces, materials and features that you prefer the most. But before embarking on this path it is good to remember that the construction process consists of many phases, involves the participation of several subjects and, very often, even some unexpected events. This means that when we decide to build a house we will have to interface with designers, technicians and operators in the sector builders ivanhoe.

Even if the whole construction process that revolves around the construction of a building may seem complex and scare a bit those who are not involved in the work, it is important to know that everything can be safely addressed, as long as you have all the necessary information available and you can count on experienced professionals- .

In this article we try to summarize the most important things, talking about the role of the designers , the design and executive phases , the bureaucratic process and the construction costs.

hiring a multi-unit builder


Building a house, where to start? The terrain

It may seem trivial to say, but the first real step is to make the important decision to build a house, investing money, but also time and patience.

Clearly, land on which to build is needed to make this dream come true.

This means that either you own one or you need to proceed with the search and purchase of a lot. In the second case, the advice is to involve an architect also in this first phase, so as to have valid support in the evaluation phase.

For each land, it is important to verify the buildability , i.e. the possibility of building a building inside it. A check of the cadastral situation must be carried out and, if necessary, proceed with an urban or cadastral correction. Among the most important information to know is the building index , or the maximum volume allowed for buildings that insist on that land.

The architect’s choice

As mentioned, from the beginning it is useful to rely on professional technicians, to be chosen carefully since they will be our main interlocutors for the house to be built all the time . In fact, choosing the architect to build a house is important and to do so it is possible to rely on word of mouth and online research.