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When it comes to a home, the outside decor is as essential as the inside. You can live in a house with no windows, no doors, and no insulation, but without an exterior view, people would feel trapped. People are not only seeing their homes from the outside while driving by or moving in, but they see them every time they go outside.

Suppose you have lived in your home for years. It is safe to say that some areas need attention. These areas are usually between sidewalks and curbs, rarely cleaned up unless you want to break out that lawnmower. Mow high or low, and this area makes little difference if you don’t keep it clean on both sides of the street because grass and weeds proliferate through the cracks and add debris to your landscaping.

There are some easy steps that we will share here to help you with some joint home improvement projects on your lawn and garden by garden and landscape designer Lisa Ellis. This article can be a reminder or a starting point for you who want to do it yourself.

garden and landscape designer

Remove unwanted trees and bushes.

This is where most people get it wrong, but not because they don’t try. The mistake is how they remove vegetation without knowing which types of plants can give more problems than benefits in the long run. Different vegetation needs different treatment, and if you don’t know what you are doing, it can take more time and cost more money than you thought.

Some of the most common ideas on removing unwanted vegetation are using a chainsaw, axes, or even weed eaters with blades to cut away at foliage. A typical plant that people try to get rid of is poison ivy, but this is one of those plants that keeps returning after every treatment.

Tree Removal

The best way to get rid of trees is by digging them out. If you are at a loss for doing this, hire someone who has experience because it can cost you money and time if the roots break during removal. People often cut the trunks in several places around the entire trunk and try to pull it out with a chain. This causes smaller roots throughout your garden and lawn, leading to more problems than when you started removing trees in your yard. Hire an expert or dig deep holes outside of where you want your landscaping and fill it up with rocks and stones after removing the tree if you don’t want any new saplings growing in your garden area.

Bush Removal

There is no need for heavy tools when it comes to removing bushes. Using a hoe or shovel will speed up the process, especially when you don’t want to use your lawnmower anymore on that area – fill in the holes after removal if you don’t want new sproutings.

Landscape design

Once you have removed weeds and unwanted trees from your yard, it’s time to think about adding that missing touch. There are many ways of adding details to your garden, but the important thing is not where you start, but how you finish. Make sure all edges are soft and smooth so they won’t damage your shoes or get caught with other debris while strolling through your garden.