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Real estate development

Understand Real Estate Development Jobs

It’s no secret that the housing industry has been booming for the past few years. This is a booming time, and while it may feel like you have little to no chance of breaking into this industry, you must find your niche and be persistent.

So what are some of the jobs in real estate development? Primarily, these positions involve working closely with architects, engineers, and construction contractors on building new structures or remodeling old properties. These positions almost always require extensive knowledge of construction.

These jobs also include planning, organizing, researching the many building plans, and preparing the construction aspect of the job. These positions also require having excellent communication skills and making sure that all the parties involved work together to ensure the successful completion of these projects as well as being able to make fast decisions.

Real Estate Development

There are other general tasks that you’ll have to toil through:

  • Maintaining records.
  • Budgeting.
  • Overseeing various phases of construction.
  • Dealing with the different regulations in any given field (including paying taxes).

The pay for these positions is pretty decent for both new graduates and experienced real estate professionals.

Developers are people who plan, finance and manage construction projects, as well as people who invest inĀ hoi hup realty and sunway developments to earn a return.

Senior Construction Managers make well into the six figures, while First-line supervisors can expect to make between $50k and $100k annually.

If you have good knowledge of construction and an eye for design, this might be your ideal position. This is a job that combines the creative side of the industry with the technical side. An Architect is someone who plans or designs a structure or other building according to the client’s needs. The Architect then plans out how best to build it within budget while also taking into consideration any local ordinances governing building codes.

This job doesn’t require you to have a degree. More often than not, these positions are given to experienced employees who want to move up in the industry and new graduates who want to begin their career.


There’s always room for growth in the real estate industry. Whether you’re looking to get into new developments, remodeling or simply general construction, there’s a job out there for you. Not only that, but the pay is pretty nice too. The housing industry will continue to boom for the foreseeable future, so now is a great time to jump on board.