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What is a gutter guard? Common types available to install and their benefits

If you are not interested in cleaning out your gutters often and regularly, gutter guard installation may be a feasible solution. We discuss some common types of gutter guards available to help you choose whether they’re worth installing.

Gutter guards, also known as leaf guards, avoid fragments that arrive in your gutters and make the scrubbing procedure a little cooler. Here, we will discuss the most common types of gutter guards and help you find the finest gutter guards for your home.

Types of Gutter Guards

Most gutter guards are made of plastic, metal, or a mixture of the two materials. They either sit on top of the gutter or rest inside it. A few common types of gutter guards are explained below.

Plastic Screen

The gutter guards are made out of PVC plastic, and the quality is reflected in the price, as it is the least expensive. Typically, you’ll purchase the gutter in rolls that are the estimated size of your gutter and cut them before installation. This makes it an easy DIY plan, too. You just place the gutter guard on top of the gutter and fold the ends under the roof.

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Another gutter guard is made with aluminum sheeting material available at a cheap cost, placed by puncturing with small holes. This guard is also comparatively easy to fix and secure against your gutters, either with involved clasps or by twisting the edges to fit around the gutter. The guard is safely placed around the sharp edges of your gutter by a professional with the required tools.

Steel Screen

Steel screen gutter guards are similar to plastic guards, but compared to plastic, these are more tough and strong. They are as simple to install as plastic guards, requiring only a few small cuts to fit the gutter guard to your gutter. Steel screen gutter guards are a great choice for preventing leaves, branches, and pine needles and are relatively easy to clean. Just wait for the collected fragments to become dry so that you can brush them away.

The Benefits of Gutter Guards

While many people think gutter guard installation is a free service, meaning they never need to dust out their gutters again, this is a misunderstanding. Gutter guards block most fragments, but no device will ever completely block fragments from entering your gutters.

Here are a few benefits of installing gutter guards:

  • It prevents animal and insect infiltrations.
  • It reduces the chances of a fire.
  • It improves your gutter’s water flow.
  • It prevents early rust and erosion.